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A lockdown reflection by Fr. Bruce – Trinity, 7 June 2020

Trinity Sunday

With last Sunday’s feast of Pentecost, Holy Mother Church completed her annual commemoration of the last phase of Jesus’ life among us. Today, we look backwards and ask afresh, ‘Who was he?’. The earliest Christians struggled for many years to agree on a clear answer to this question. We re-echo that answer in our Creed when we proclaim that he was and is the Son of God.

Pentecost was not the end of the story, but the beginning of the life of the Church. Coronavirus reminds us forcefully that if we are to live, we must breathe. The Church is the body of Christ, and her breath is the Holy Spirit, given at Pentecost.

As we look back across our story we see three faces, three actors, three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. United in a way that is beyond our understanding, they are the one God. And so today we celebrate Trinity Sunday.